Need a phone system that allows your accounting firm to remain mobile and professional?

Our mobile app makes it possible for your users to make and receive calls as if they were sitting in the office and they retain the ability to reach their colleagues by simply dialing their extension.

Do your business calls flow in to a couple of people that are responsible for distributing them to staff?  Utilize our Receptionist Console so that those responsible for taking and transferring those calls can see whether the person they are trying to reach is available to receive the call or see if there is another representative that may be able to help the caller.

Our applications work seamlessly with one another to ensure your calls get to the parties they are trying to reach.

During your busy seasons, ensure that your calls are being routed appropriately by putting an Auto Attendant in place that lists options for your callers and sends your client’s calls to the correct parties.  You can even change the options based on your business hours, after hours and holiday hours.

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