Reliable Faxing

Email and Web faxing with industry-best reliability

Our Benefits

We host our own fax solution that provides reliability on par with a traditional analog fax connection for a fraction of the cost.

No fax machine, no problem!

All you need is an email account, and you can send and receive faxes with the click of a mouse.

We can create fax to email groups that will route incoming faxes to a group of users and ensure no fax goes unnoticed. Users can belong to a single group or multiple and can be added and removed with a simple email or call to our support desk.

You’ll be able to send faxes directly from your smartphone or desktop and include attachments to accompany the fax and the receiver will have no idea that you didn’t send them from a traditional fax machine.

All of this without the need to download additional apps. Simply send and receive using the email client of your choice.

If you have a traditional fax machine, we have a solution for that as well. Our faxing devices, built with custom firmware, connect directly to your traditional fax machine and send and receive faxes reliably, using nothing more than your current internet connection.

If you’d like to blend these two solutions, that’s not a problem! Our system allows your users to send faxes using your traditional fax machine but receive them via email or vice versa. The choice is yours !

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