Our VoIP solution makes this easy.

Would you like to unify all your offices under a single, managed PBX?  Tired of having to maintain multiple on-site voice systems throughout your organization?

Since our system is cloud based there’s no onsite system that needs to be maintained.  You’ll be able to expand your business locations by simply adding new phones to the location and requesting new users be configured within the system.

With our PBX you’ll be able to dial your users by extension, as if they’re in the cubicle next to you even if they are located in another part of the country.  There’s no site linking or VPN’s that need to be configured to unify your locations.

Our plug and play phones can even work outside of the office.  Our phones, with the help of a wireless adapter, has the ability to connect to any wireless network.  So, your users have the ability to connect their desk phone to their home wireless network without an issue.  Only a power source and a reliable Wi-Fi network is needed.

Looking for a work from home option for your organization?  Our mobile softphone app makes this possible by allowing your users to call your clients and having it appear as if they are calling from the office and maintaining that professional appeal.  Your users also maintain the ability to call their colleagues by simply dialing their extension, as well as check their voicemails, as if they were sitting at their desks using a traditional desk phone.

Our VoIP solution makes running and managing an Enterprise phone system a breeze, regardless of the size.

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