Looking to better manage the call flow at your garage or body shop?

Would you like a reliable phone system that allows you to properly delegate calls for appointments as opposed to calls meant for the shop at your dealership ?  Our phone system makes this possible.

Add an Attendant that gives your customers the choice of where they would like their calls directed.  If your customers are looking to make an appointment or reach a specific salesperson, they’ll be given the appropriate options to select for themselves.

This effective method of delegating calls frees up your employees to do what they do best and not worry about routing customers to the proper department or person.

With our mobile soft phone application, your techs will be able to receive calls from customers as they are working on the customer’s vehicle on the shop floor.  Giving them a real time view of the vehicle as they explain the issue to your customers.

Our system will even integrate with any paging systems and speakers you may have.  This allows any employee to simply press a button on their phone and begin speaking and have that audio played over your existing speaker system.

As a society on the move, our phone system allows for you to get your customers back on the road, as quickly as possible.

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